Infrastructure Project Development

HDBaker & Company selectively participates as a principal / partner in infrastructure development projects.  Current development projects (at various stages in the development process) include:

  • Submarine HVDC projects (2)

  • Overhead high voltage transmission line

  • Utility-scale bulk energy storage

HDBaker & Company (or its principal, Hugh D. Baker, Jr.) has successfully completed a number of infrastructure projects, including:

  • 60-mile overhead high voltage transmission line

  • 80-mile high voltage transmission upgrade project

  • New bulk power transmission interconnection project 

  • Commercial scale solar PV projects

  • HVDC transmission project

  • 75,000 ft2 technology campus commercial office building (a community economic development project that created 800 new full-time jobs).

Energy Consulting

HDBaker & Company provides consulting services to utilities, independent power producers, law firms, private capital firms, energy end-users, and energy industry vendors. Recent projects include:  

Hawaiian Electric Companies "Power Supply Improvement Plans" (2014 and 2016 update)

HDBaker & Company provided an independent perspective and project management services to utility senior management related to the mandated "Power Supply Improvement Plans."  Services included research, review and recommendations regarding technically feasible new generation options, cost assumptions regarding new resource options, management of external consultants performing solar PV and wind resource potential assessments, special assignments directed by management, drafting of the final reports, and quality control with respect to the final reports.  The completed plans provided actionable, economically feasible, and technically operable integrated resource plans for each of the three operating companies under the Hawaiian Electric Companies umbrella. These plans meet the State of Hawaii's 100% RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) requirements, maximize use of distributed renewables and demand response, and integrate subtantial levels of utility-scale variable renewables, without compromising the reliability of these island systems. 

W.M. Keck Observatory Headquarters Solar PV Project

HDBaker & Company provided an independent economic savings and feasibility analysis for seperate 150 KW and 20 KW solar PV systems installed at the WMKO Headquaters campus in Waimea, Hawaii.  HDBaker & Company designed a competitive procurement process, evaluated proposals from vendors, and negotiated an EPC arrangement with a leading national solar integrator.  HDBaker also acted as Owner's project manager montoring and advising the client regarding the utility interconnection process, project procurement and construction, testing and startup.  This successful project began commerical operation in early 2015, resulting in an immediate reduction in WMKO's electricity bills.  

ArcLight Capital / Carlsmith Ball IPP Project Restructuring

HDBaker & Company provided services related to optimizing a private equity fund's investment in an existing liquid fueled combined-cycle power plant, including evaluation of strategic options with respect to the existing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Working with the fund's legal counsel, HDBaker & Company performed economic analysis related to a fuel pricing dispute, provided management advice with respect to the IPP's intervention in a regulatory proceeding in which the IPP was able to establish the strategic and economic value of the asset for regulators, ultimately leading to a (currently pending) sale of the asset.  

[Major Defense Contractor - Confidential] Microgrid Business Plan Evaluation

HDBaker & Company was retained by a major defense contractor to review and analyze their business plan for entering the microgrid project development market.  HDBaker & Company constructed a detailed financial model to evalute proposed U.S. Department of Defense microgrid projects from the prespective of the military customer, and from the perspective of the developer's investment, payback and returns.  We provided an independent and candid assessment of the factors necessary for the success of the business plan.  This client radically altered its business plan and approach to the marketplace, leveraging its core strengths.  

Energy Intellect, Limited (New Zealand) Smart Grid Technology Market Study

HDBaker & Company was retained by this client to evaluate the market potential for a frequency responsive load control, energy management, and energy measurement device and software platform.  The technology is aimed at equipping large enterprise energy users and retail demand side aggregators (aka "curtailment service providers") to engage in market based ancillary service transactions, while also managing internal energy use. HDBaker & Company constructed a pro forma market model, forecasting sales volume, sales revenues, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, and investment required.  HDBaker & Company also led meetings with potential customers, strategic partners, and ancillary service market-makers (e.g. ISO's, power pools).  Energy Intellect was subsequently sold to an Asian investor, which focused the Company on emerging markets.  

And more ...  

HDBaker & Company's principal, Hugh D. Baker, Jr. has over 35 years of experience in the electric utility industry having been active during this time in virtually every part of the utility value chain - from power plant fuels to in-customer-premise load control.  Mr. Baker's experience prior to forming HDBaker & Company includes tenures as a partner in a leading utility consulting firm, business development for a power marketing company, and as an executive at a privately held energy, real estate, and private equity company. Mr. Baker's project experience includes electric utility planning, structured wholesale market bulk power transactions, power pooling arrangements, transmission arrangments, technical and economic feasibility studies, demand response program design and management, EPC negotiations, joint venture arrangements, and litigation support (including expert testimony).