Electric Power Industry Opportunities and Challenges in 2017

Happy New Year Clients, Partners & Colleagues:

2017 promises to be an exciting year with abundant opportunities and challenges for all: 

  1. The new political environment will result in a bigger push for badly needed infrastructure improvements …
    1. Opportunities for transmission developers and private equity firms
    2. Opportunities for smartgrid vendors
  2. State RPS mandates mean that in spite of the new political climate in Washington, utility-scale renewable development will continue …
    1. Opportunities for renewable generation developers and private equity firms to take advantage of renewable investment tax credits before the phase out
    2. RFPs for new generation and energy storage systems by utilities 
    3. Challenges for utilities to integrate more variable renewable energy; is energy storage the answer
    4. Growth in the emerging US offshore wind industry
  3. Distributed energy resources (DERs) are “in the money” more than ever, although the elimination of net energy metering and the phase down of renewable tax credits will result in longer paybacks for energy end-users.  
    1. Opportunities for the distributed solar PV industry to deploy new systems combined with battery energy storage systems 
    2. Opportunities for financial firms to enable the funding of DERs with the longer payback periods
    3. Challenges for energy end-users in making the right choices

HDBaker & Company looks forward to working with our friends across the energy industry to achieve our mission of providing access to clean, sustainable and affordable energy to everyone. 

Best wishes for your success in the New Year!


Hugh Baker